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David Stalheim for Whatcom County Executive

Editor’s Note: Because of the HATCH Act, David Stalheim cannot ask for our endorsement himself, hence Jean Melious wrote a candidate statement on his behalf. 

David Stalheim Whatcom County Executive
By Jean Melious

We couldn’t ask for a better candidate for Executive than David Stalheim. David has 24 years of experience working with people, projects and budgets to make communities better. He has successfully managed large organizations and budgets, winning awards for everything from making Wenatchee a “Great American Main Street” community to developing a greenway plan for the Dungeness River.

We need that kind of experience to guide our upcoming decision about whether to locate a coal terminal in Whatcom County. We need David’s leadership to make sure that our new jail is the right size and in the right place. We need David’s skill and knowledge to make our good intentions about cleaning up Lake Whatcom turn into real progress.

David is currently Bellingham’s Block Grant Manager, working to make housing availabletoeveryone. Heknowsthatthe County Executive needs to help people who have been hurt by our battered economy. You may have heard about his pledge to donate $50,000 of his salary to charity. When I asked him about it, he said, simply, “I think it is sad that so many have so little.” And that’s who he is.

I am telling you about the person I know because David can’t speak for himself in this newsletter. The federal Hatch Act prevents his participation in “partisan” publications.

But David will be speaking for himself, loud and clear, over the next few months. Please meet him, support him, and help him to beat Doug Ericksen.