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What makes you a Democrat?

  • Feeling in your heart, or head, that you are?
  • Consistently voting for Democratic candidates because they reflect your values?
  • Declared your party affiliation when you registered to vote in another state?

Well, it's time to make it official. Join the Whatcom Democrats.

Local Party Organization Matters

Whether you are focused on local, national, or international issues, electing the right leaders comes down to local campaign organizing. Whatcom County consistently has higher turnouts to Democratic Precinct Caucuses, higher levels of campaign volunteers, and higher voter turnout, than state averages, because Democrats in Whatcom County know how to make a difference. This is because the Whatcom Democrats keep them in touch and informed about elections, candidates, and volunteer opportunities.

Self-governed, Self-supported

The Whatcom Democrats, the official Democratic Party organization for Whatcom County, is governed by the Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) who are elected by Democratic voters in each of their precincts. In turn, the PCOs adopt bylaws and elect officers who manage the activities of the party. The Officers and appointed committee chairs make up the Executive Board. Our modest annual budget is supported completely by local memberships, donations, and fundraising events.

Benefits of Membership

  1. A strong local Democratic Party ready to support Democratic candidates every year
  2. Vote on party endorsement of candidates and issues. These party decisions direct our resources and energy to the candidates we care the most about.
  3. Shape the future of the party by serving on any number of committees
  4. Vote on resolutions on the emerging issues of the day, directing party resources to what's most important to local Democrats

Join or renew your membership TODAY! 

 Make an additional donation to keep the momentum going